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How can we design a future for education at Notre Dame that...

This page shows a collection of "How Can We" statements from the Summit, which capture the most significant problem statements that groups chose to discuss in greater detail.

How Can We Statements: Welcome


Allows people to learn at their own pace, but in productive environments?

Takes student voice and mental health into account, promote flexibility while encouraging discipline, autonomy, and meaningful learning?

Foster a collaborative learning environment with more flexibility?

Design a future that harmonizes student and faculty needs for engagement and flexibility?

Implement a policy to allow students who are sick to use Zoom without it being abused by the student body?

Recognizes that each semester is uniquely different for every student?

Offers flexible classes while still engaging students?

Returns to normal without abandoning what we have learned?

That is multicultural and helps first generation students and students with health issues thrive?


Satisfy student needs for spatial structure while providing flexibility for professors and students?

Keep students engaged in courses with difficult work while still recognizing the well-being of each student?

Better fits students’ learning goals/needs?

Engage students and give them agency and choice?

Relevance / Real-World

Employs a small group/mentorship model of learning within a real-world environment?

Continue providing context and intentionality for why we do what we do in classes?

Enable different types of learning to understand the material and see its applications all while remaining engaged?


That encourages a comfortable learning environment and collaboration with others?

Makes every student feel connected to each of their professors?

Makes every student feel connected to their classmates?

Find effective ways of student interaction?

Reduce classroom tensions and strengthen classroom bonds?

Promotes student/professor well-being & meaningful learning?

Gives students the support they need to succeed in a class based on individual needs?

Build back the unique ND community?

That allows for meaningful student-professor relationships while allowing students the flexibility they need?

Promotes relationships and collaboration without sacrificing health or well-being?

Meets all students’ needs while optimizing the learning experience and faculty/student relationships?


Have a learning environment that fosters relationships and grace, without compromising student/prof needs?

Maximizes student needs for meeting objectives of learning?

That maximizes faculty effectiveness AND student learning?

Creates a learning environment that is engaging, practical, real world, not competitive, and keeps people connected?

Provides the best learning environment for the greatest number of learning styles?

Continue to integrate aspects of technology and hybrid learning in ways that incentivize coming to class?

Balance the benefits of zoom/hybrid learning with in person classes?

Recognizes inclusiveness in discussion?


Reduces student stress by valuing more student-centered forms of assessment and course goals?

Encourages students to develop mastery in a way that is measurable?

Fulfills both the student’s desire to learn with the professor’s need to get through material?

Tests accurately and fairly to minimize stress and maximize understanding?

Passion for Learning

Fosters deep learning for the love of learning instead of a grade?

Is equitable and promotes learning beyond class?

Fosters virtue in study and work habits?

Not only prioritizes academics, but also, the education of the whole human person?

Focuses on students’ learning rather than grades/filling class time with as much information as possible?

More tangibly reward students for the efforts they give to their studies?

Educates the whole person?

Engages the whole student (not just intellectually)?

Attempts to find meaning in our learning?

That sustains lifelong learning and passions?

How Can We Statements: Work
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