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Spring 2021 Summit Contributors

The Student and Faculty Voice Summit would not have been possible without the support, guidance, time, and effort of so many. Thank you to our partners from the Office of the Provost, Notre Dame Student Government, Design for America Notre Dame, as well as the individuals below.


Megan Rogers '22

Founder, Lead Program Coordinator, Lead Research Analyst


Sophie Schroth '22

Research Analyst, Lead Designer, Program Reviewer


Madison McBride '23

Program Facilitator, Program Reviewer


Megan Green '23

Research Analyst


Mary Cooper '24

Research Analyst


Allan Njomo '22

Planning Committee, Student Government and Administration Liaison


Matthew Bisner ‘22

Planning Committee, Event Coordinator


Maddie Tupy '22

Event Coordinator, Program Reviewer


Ryan Moore '22

Event Coordinator, Program Reviewer 


Sam Ebner ‘22

Event Coordinator


Samantha Malloy ‘22

Event Coordinator


Nick Kloska ‘22

Program Reviewer


Cassidy Ferrell ‘22

Event Coordinator


Nikihil Namburi ‘23

Event Coordinator


Claire Crafts '24



Sierra Stinson ‘23

Materials Preparation


Vaibhav Mopidevi ‘22

Materials Preparation

Contributors: Team Members

A Special Thank You To:

Reverend Hugh Page

Thank you for hearing our initial proposal, and for being the first person to believe in our endeavor. Thank you for the continued feedback and support in connecting us with the right folks.

Provost Marie Lynn Miranda

Thank you for approval of our proposal and offering the support of your department.

Dr. Elliot Visconsi

Thank you for helping us think through next steps and for help distributing our findings to faculty.

Ron Grisoli

Thank you for going above and beyond to help with facility access arrangements, especially with the added challenge of COVID-19 restrictions.

Dr. TJ D’Agostino

Thank you for talking through the structure of the summit before and after, and for talking through next steps.

Wendy Angst

Thank you for feedback on the summit and faculty involvement.

Dr. Matt Kloser

Thank you for helping us think through qualitative coding methods and software. Additionally, thank you for the ongoing support and guidance in our endeavor to make student voice a part of the fabric of education at Notre Dame.

Jennifer Cronin

Thank you for helping us decide on a platform for data display.

Kevin Barry

Thank you for helping with next steps for future summits.

Contributors: CV
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